HDCP 2.2 <> HDCP 1.4 - HDMI to Component, HDMI to RGBHV, HDMI to DVI-D, HDMI to HDMI up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz 18Gbps. 

Hybrid HDfury capable of: Splitting 4K60 signal, both ways HDCP conversion: HDCP 1.4 <> HDCP 2.2. Matrix, EDID Management.<br>
HDMI CEC total commander, Audio Mixing and extracting, 4K60 444 > 4K60 420 conversion. 2 inputs / 2 outputs. <br>
HDMI2.0a Infoframe and Metadata injector/extractor (HDR included), Control via APP/BT/IR/USB or push buttons.<br>
This is the Digital Holy Grail for integrators, advanced users and everyone else ;)